“He seems to have everything: speed, flexibility, pianistic thunder and interpretive nuance.”

– Jazz Times 

“Mihran Kalaydjian is a very specially gifted pianist. He has an astonishing insight in music together with deep feeling and a brilliant technique.”

– Christoph Eschenbach 

“Mihran Kalaydjian’s hands are huge and the fingers with their strength and precision might have been made of steel. He offered a firm, brilliant, sensitive yet emotionally austere performance – a vintage Rachmaninoff.”

– The Jerusalem Post

 “Brilliant technique and real emotional depth”

– The Washington times

 Mihran Kalaydjian is a great entertainer. Her playing is masterly and her linking materials show his to be a raconteur in the Ustinov mold.”

–  Robert James Moore BBC Radio

 “Your piano playing is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in a long time” Anonymous

“Since he was 15 years old, Mihran has been writing his own music -mostly instrumentals for piano, but he;s writing more songs with lyrics and is expanding into orchestra composition as well. His music is gentle and contemplative.”

– Carolyn Lange, West Central Tribune

“Of the musicians I’ve worked with, Mihran is the best performer and interpreter of new music. He lives and breathes new music; and his passion for new music is evident in everything  that he does as a musician. I will continue to collaborate with Mihran, “Mino”, as I know that his contribution to my work has been invaluable.”

– Jonathan Lombardi

 ‘One of the best pianists of our time, Mihran Kalaydjian masters the piano like a maestro juggling the keys. His voice is suave and sensual, with finesse and sensibility’

– Crossroads France  

 “Well, I’ve been rocked and held by your music for several weeks now. Thank you! Thank you! It’s a wonderful gift of music to us all.”

– Christina Allen, singer-songwriter

 “Contemporary solo grand piano is delivered in flowing, accurate statements. A hidden gem here in the Northwest.

– Marc Lunn, Victory Music Review

 I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your music and all it has done for me. With all that I have seen and experienced, your music enables a sense of calm from the daily chaos… ”

–  Armando Rogers, USA MUSIC

“During my long musical career, I have met few really great artists in the various disciplines of the field and I am very pleased to name Mihran Kalaydjian, pianist and musician as one of them.

“Mihran combines all the necessary qualifications and qualities to express his art on the highest level. I have great respect for his technical skill, his interpretation and his way to communicate to any audience his feelings through his love for music.”

– Marlene Moysee

“Masterfully conceived and superbly performed and produced, these poignant impressions of rainy day moods tug at the very heartstrings.”

– Thomas Michael, harpist-composer

“Sophisticated, sensual, magic, mystical, pristine, and playful. As well as inviting his listeners to imagine. Mihran Kalaydjian’s piano music invites ‘soul presence’.

– Samer MacCaull, esssence flute

 “Mihran’s music takes the listener somewhere both familiar and unknown, where laughter and tears meet inside the heart.”

– Amanda Koehnline, songwriter, storyteller, therapist

 “There is an intimacy and directness and honesty here that makes this music very good company.”

– Andrew Conrad-Jazz Times (Review of Just Me, Just You)

 “Larry Ham uses a vamp to set up and add excitement to a very swinging solo on the revised harmonic structure of the song.”

-Dr. Elias Khoury

 “He glides over the keys with every note, even those in a grace note turn, articulated cleanly. His graceful single note lines seek out and find catchy melodic figures implied in the chords. Mihran clearly knows intimately and with great affection, his playing is masterful as he strokes its melodic contours.”

-Richard Cadence Jazz Magazine Review of “Carousel”

 “Expressive music from the heart, great talent for creating sound pictures of beauty and varying emotions and levels of energy, and highly developed technical skill. Plus a warm, gracious and loving stage presence.”

-Paula Lightfall, songwriter

 “Mihran Kalaydjian “Mino” writes truly beautiful music. This is rare in our time – in fact, in any time. He touches the soul and invigorates the brain at the same time. I love his work.”

– James Corigliano

 “A stunning and versatile performer. I have been working with Mihran for many years and have seen her perform various styles of music with an unsurpassed prowess and finesse, from classical to new music, from jazz to pop. He does it all and does it extremely well.”

– James Bingen

“Mihran’s piano planning is truly moving. It is like listening to poetry. No one else has moved me to tears with their playing like Mihran. He is a fabulous pianist as well as a fantastic person.” 

– Kris Jonas

 “Mihran is a very gifted and professional musician who is dedicated to his craft and a pleasure to work with.”

– Margarete Jones